Internet computing teaching at Gothenburg University and Chalmers

We offer courses in the Software Engineering and Management (N1SOF) bachelor program (GU) as well as in the Software Engineering and Management (N2SOF, GU) or Software Engineering and Technology (MPSOF, Chalmers) master programs. All our courses are taught in English, and can only be taken by students enrolled at Gothenburg University or Chalmers.

Please read the interviews with two previous students (1, 2) to learn why you should be studying software engineering at GU or Chalmers.

DIT033 / DAT335 Data Management

Data Management is an introduction-level database course for software developers. We follow Fundamentals of Database Systems as a textbook, and also talk about non-relational databases using MongoDB as a case study.

DIT342 Web Development

In this practically-oriented course, second-year bachelor students learn the foundations of fullstack development using Express.js, vue.js, and Bootstrap. A significant portion of the course time is dedicated to students implementing a web project of their own design, which is then demoed in an end-of-semester presentation.

DIT356 Distributed Systems Project

In this project course, students collaborate in groups to architect a scalable middleware (based on MQTT) for a dentist system. Extra focus is put on non-functional quality attributes, such as scalability and resilience.

DAT490 / DIT291 Architectures for Scale-Out Systems

This elective course in the Software Engineering and Technology master is designed as a highly practical and pragmatic crash course in the varied techniques that characterize modern Web development. We discuss and experiment with cloud computing, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps, monitoring, and release engineering, along with general principles such as how to engineer scalable systems.

Material for an older version of this course is available online.